RELEASE offers you the following types of wellness massage

Relaxation Massage

Gentle and smooth style of massage.

The main focus is on general relaxation, relief of muscle tension, improved circulation and overall well-being. Choose this type of massage if you like gentle pressure and need to relax.

Deep Tissue Massage

Aims to release tension in the deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia. It comprises slow strokes and firm pressure, often with a use of knuckles and elbows. After the session, you may feel a little bit sore. Choose this type of massage if you like firm pressure or need to ease some chronic tension in your muscles.

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

It is a perfect 30 minutes session for releasing the tension in your upper back and neck. Different massage techniques are combined to achieve the best relaxation effect. Choose this service if your back, neck and shoulders are tensed.

Holistic Massage

Focuses on the whole body, on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The holistic approach is based on the principles of awareness and sensitivity, and concentrates on an individual's whole being.  Choose this type of massage if you want to release your body and mind and dive deeper into your understanding of yourself.

RELEASE: your massage therapy in Frankfurt-Nordend