Hi, I am the founder of the studio RELEASE.

It was important for me to create a practice where massage techniques and body knowledge are well-combined, to provide the best experience for clients.

I completed my massage education program in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Akademie voor massage en beweging), followed by several courses in Germany and a year of practical experience. Now I am glad to introduce you to the studio RELEASE in Frankfurt am Main.

As a professional dancer, athlete and dance teacher, I know how important it is to have healthy body and feel good in it. Somatics and movement disciplines were always a big part of my development as a dancer. Yoga, gyrotonic, pilates, Feldenkrais - all techniques that improved my understanding of my body and helped me find an inner balance in busy contemporary life. At the same time, I was always interested in helping

others to feel good in their own bodies. Massage therapy gives me an opportunity to work with people’s physique on a more personal and unique level than teaching dance.

The goal of this studio is to make you feel better: more relaxed, calmer and relieved from unpleasant tension. I aim to find a personal approach for every visitor, as every massage session is unique, so is each body.